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About Bruce Patterson

Bruce_F12_SmMy name is Bruce Patterson. I’ve been teaching different levels of biology for the last 20 years, primarily molecular biology, introductory biology (lab and lecture) and genetics. I think a lot about what students need to learn and what can be truly ingested and understood during one semester. I create (and sharetools for students to engage in, support, and enhance their learning. The ideas, materials, and software are explained here, and found at I’m creating a textbook that introduces true, deep interactivity and is aligned with current teaching principles and standards. It’s a huge project so I’m searching for a sponsor or funded collaborator (especially for the artwork & programming!).

The thinkBio site contains free-to-use teaching materials for Introductory Biology and AP Biology (and sometimes more advanced genetics and/or molecular courses) including  interactive software, lecture modules, lab activities, and this blog. Everything is free to use.

What’s here

The blog currently consists of a number of posting types:

What is important about…‘ entries are my views on the concepts worth teaching to beginning biologists

Making Sense‘ attempts to lay out the case that a thoughtful individual could predict, or at least see the logic behind the way things are done in cells. These are also meant to be frameworks for teaching introductory biology in a constructivist way.

Themes‘ are umbrella groupings that allow a lot of topics to be introduced in a coherent way

Book reviews‘ are… book reviews 🙂


To get in touch, use the ‘E-mail me!’ option in the menu bar, the Contact link on the homepage, or just enter

My past lives can be found here (LinkedIn)

Or go here for a c.v.

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